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Week 3: Patriots vs Texans Game Battle Prediction 2017

Week 3: Patriots Texans Game Battle Prediction 2017
Patriots vs Texans Week 3 Game Battle

The complete different division’s team Patriots and Texans will meet on Sunday afternoon for week 3 game. As a team, New England is so organized for Houston. The week 3 game will be a one-sided match between Patriots and Giants. Because the team NE won 8 of 9 games against HOU. So, it clarifies that Patriots will dominate the week 3 game against Texans. On the other hand, The team Texans failed to show their caliber in last matches with Patriots. Most of the times they lose by a huge margin against Patriots.

Moreover, while Houston yet to score 27 in a single game, New England average score 30 points. So, it expresses that how far they are from each other. But yes it is obvious that every game has its own type. Any team can take the control in their hand in a certain game. In this sense, Patriots Texans game prediction can tell in advance that who will dominate in week 3 game. Can Texans survive this season? Let’s see Houston can survive whether Patriots maintain their winning activities against them through Patriots Texans game prediction.

Week 3: Patriots Texans Game Battle Prediction 2017

Houston has to take a proper practice before playing with New England. And perhaps they may get adequate time for a fruitful preparation. The week 2 game on Thursday held between Texans vs Bengals where Houston get the opportunity for the practice. In terms of New England vs Houston game prediction, we analyze their individual strength, 2016 results, and their last five results. New England’s average passing yards 250 yards where Houston’s have 216 yards. Similarly, Patriots average rushing yards 108 yards and Texans have 98 yards. Patriots have 1 average skills at fumbles skills which are threatening for the Texans. But Patriots have average 1 interception where Texans have no interceptions. Moreover, New England shows their caliber in 2016 and the last meetings with Houston. It portrays that how much aggressive the New England are against Houston. So, New England Houston game prediction goes 97% winning chances of Patriots.

New England at Houston Week 3 Schedule (Time & Venue)

Patriots 2016 NFL Execution

  • Wins: Cardinals, Dolphins (Two times), Texans, Browns, Bengals, Steelers, Bills, 49ers, Jets (Two times), Rams, Ravens, Broncos
  • Losses: Bills, Seahawks

Texans 2016 NFL Strength

Wins: Bears, Chiefs, Titans, Colts (Two times), Lions, Jaguars (Two times), Bengals

Losses: Patriots, Vikings, Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Packers, Titans

Patriots at Texans Last Five Matches Results

New England won all last five games against Houston. The miraculous thing is that New England defeated Houston by a huge margin in all the games that they meet so far.

New England vs Houston Game Highlights

Patriots vs Saints Sunday Afternoon Football Prediction, Picks

Patriots Saints Sunday Afternoon Football Prediction, Picks
Patriots vs Saints Reg Week 2 Football

A caveat to all those still picks Saints for the victory against Patriots in NFL 2017. Because the game is NE vs NO, where New England will win against New Orleans by a huge margin. A good news for NE fans that NFL picks NO to fight with NE. Furthermore, in this sense, Patriots coach Bill Belichick should send a thanking note to NFL for Reg week 2 game schedule. Patriots Saints Prediction helps their fans to pick the actual winner in that game. Moreover, New England competes in the NFL from AFC (east). On the contrary, New Orleans is from NFC (South). So, the game will be more fighting which added some extra enthusiasm and excitement among the fans.

Patriots vs Saints Sunday Afternoon Football Prediction, Picks

NE vs NO Football Prediction goes 95% winning chances of NE. This may create a tragic moment for the NO fans. But that’s the real phenomena of NFL 2017 NE vs NO match. This Patriots Saints Prediction will have the complete possibility to occur in the reality. The both teams previous match execution will answer this question.In 2016 New England won 14 in their allocated 16 matches. On the other hand, New Orleans won only 7 matches in the regular season. Moreover, in their last 13 head to head meeting Patriots won 9 matches where Saints won only 4. Although in 2017 NFL both team’s position is not so well so far, New England may show their caliber against New Orleans.

NE vs NO Sunday Afternoon Football Kick-Off Schedule

2016 Patriots NFL Performance

  • Wins: Cardinals, Dolphins (Two times), Texans, Browns, Bengals, Steelers, Bills, 49ers, Jets (Two times), Rams, Ravens, Broncos,
  • Losses: Bills, Seahawks

NFL Saints 2016 Execution

  • Wins: Chargers, Panthers, Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, Buccaneers
  • Losses: Raider, Giants, Falcons (Two times), Chiefs, Broncos, Panthers, Lions, Buccaneers

New England vs New Orleans Last Five Head to Head Matches

  • 13th October 2013: Patriots defeat Saints by 30-27 at Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)
  • 30th November 2009: Saints defeat Patriots by 38-17 at Louisiana Superdome (New Orleans, LA)
  • Nov 20, 2005: NE defeat NO by 24-17 at Gillette Stadium
  • Nov 25, 2001: New England defeat New Orleans by 34-17 at Foxboro Stadium
  • 04th October 1998: Patriots won against Saints by 30-27 at Louisiana Superdome

NO vs NE Game Highlights