New England Patriots Cheerleaders


New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2016

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders are the official squad of cheerleading for the professional American football team – The New England Patriots. The team is based in the greater Boston region. The squad was formed in 1977. They started performing at Patriots home games. The squad also performs in public events throughout the community. A calendar in released every year by the Cheerleading team for which the dance team features in the swimsuit. They encourage girls between the ages of 7 to17 and have formed a Junior Patriots Cheerleading team.

New England Patriots Cheerleaders:

How many cheerleaders are now present?

With 33 members in the squad, New England Patriots Cheerleaders do not slip a chance on the field and they also make performances off the field with Patriots mascot Pat Patriot.

Most popular cheerleaders:

Some of the most popular cheerleaders of this squad are:

• Amber van Eeghen who had been in the squad from 2002-2005

• Kristin Gauvin (2003-2004) was crowned Miss Massachusetts in 2005

• Meghan Vasconcellos (2006) who is now a model

• Alysha Castonguay (2006-2008) who was Miss Rhode Island Teen USA in the year 2002 and Miss Rhode Island in 2009

• Leah Van Dale (2007-2009) who had also appeared in WWE Divas

• Kelsey Fournier (2009-2011) who was instated with Miss Rhode Island in 2012

• Lauren Marchetti (2010-2011) was seen as a contestant on The Bachelor Season 17

• Jessica Strohm (2015-Present) was crowned as Miss New Hampshire USA in 2016

• Sarah Mitchell who is a dancer and actress

Selection process of Cheerleaders:

Candidates interested in Cheerleading will be called for a preliminary audition which will be held on one day only. No change in date will be scheduled if a candidate does not attend audition on the fixed date nor videotapes will be accepted as a substitute for auditioning. The candidate must appear as instructed in the attire mentioned with sneakers or dance shoes. On arrival, the candidates will be lined up and checked off the registration list with the application form which was submitted online by the candidate. They will also be charged $20 as audition processing fee. The numbers will be assigned in line order.

The participants will now be taught choreographed dance combinations which they will perform in front of the panel. The candidates will also be allowed to perform a freestyle dance which is comfortable for them. A number of screening tests take place which finally helps the management in shortlisting approximately 40+ dancers to the final audition. Every dancer who advances to finals will be scheduled with an interview with the cheerleader director at the Gillette Stadium before the final audition.

Girls selected to be on the squad are considered part-time employees of the team. They will be compensated for games, practices and public appearances.

Training the Cheerleaders:

The cheerleaders perform in all the team’s home matches. They would be requested to attend a minimum of two rehearsals per week. Additionally to performing on the side-lines at the games, the troupe also participates in public appearances whenever they get the opportunity. The cheerleaders will also be sent to attend many training camps and workshops. This would help the cheerleaders as follows:

• The cheerleaders will learn new dance choreography.

• They will attend the fitness session conducted by top fitness advisors.

• They will be suggested on dietary aspects such as nutritional value by the squad’s nutritionist. This helps them in delivering the basic health component of physical fitness and results in perfect body composition which is an absolute requirement for a cheerleader.

• They will also be advised on attire, hair and makeup.