The summer season now having officially arrived on the northern hemispheric calendars and there is a lot going down. It is off season for the NFL for the next six weeks. We wait with anticipation, the autumn when training camp commences at the end of July.

The 2016 preseason’s schedules will see the Patriots lock horns with New Orleans on Thursday, August 11. Patriots take on the buffalos from Chicago on Thursday, August the 18. The last two matches will be on Friday, August 26 and Thursday, September 1 against Carolina and New York respectively.
In spring, a development worth noting was the return of Running back Deon Lewis. Hopes are high he might be in the open at Arizona when the season begins.

Scores Last season offensive New England patriots leader Drew Brees, led with impressive 4870 passing yards. He was followed closely at 4792 by Philip Rivers. In the offensive front, NaVorro Bowman gave the team an outstanding 154 tackles. Marcus Peters hunted the opponents to bag 8 interceptions during the season.
Overall, during the New England live matches, the patriots ranked position 3rd with 29.1 points owing to the 286.7 passing yards putting them at 5th position in this category, an average of 87.8 rushing yards to finish the season at 30th position in the category.

Live Stream.

You can catch these season’s New England live streaming games when the season begins on various online games channels. The viewing options vary by country and geography. Fans in the United States and Mexico, Game pass offers game lovers full access to live and on-demand Preseason matches and full replays of every NFL match on demand. You can also watch the game from the coaches’ film camera angle online through NFL exclusive on demand service. In Europe, you can catch the games live on nfl-uk tv. When it cones to New England Patriots, there is always something new to experience.